First step? Join us on an evening training and feast your eyes. If you’re up for it, you can join the team immediately and try out the best sport in history. The first 4 training sessions are free and insured. After that, the only thing left to do is decide if you want to keep playing rugby. You can find all training schedules on the TEAMS page.

I made up my mind. How do I join?

Becoming a playing member is easy, and takes just 3 steps. You make yourself known to our club, make sure you’re medically able to train and play, and you pay your dues.

  1. If you’re new to rugby, fill out the Rugbypass form*. Once that’s done, you’ll automatically receive a login code to Twizzit, our club management system.
    Your team manager will contact you to schedule your first training session. The first 4 sessions are free of charge, and insured by us.
  2. Before really going all-in, you’ll also need a medical certificate. You can make an appointment at your own GP, or at the club’s GP.
    • Under age 14: once.
    • Between 14 and 35 (45 for females): you need a new medical every two years.
    • Over 35 (45 for females): you’ll need a new medical yearly.
  3. After your 4 test sessions (or maybe sooner if that oval ball gets under your skin quicker), you inform your coach or manager that you’d like to stay and defend the Leuven colors. An invoice for your club dues will be sent to you, also available in the ‘My invoices’ tab in Twizzit.
  4. Once your dues are paid in full, we’ll get your official Rugby Vlaanderen license in order. From that point, you’ll be able to play competitively.
  • If you were previously a member of Rugbyclub Leuven and you’ld like to re-join, if you played for another team in the Rugby Vlaanderen or League Belge Francophone de Rugby league, or if you relocated to Belgium from abroad and played competitive rugby before, please contact our member administrator directly.

Extra support and priviliges

Your health insurance fund reimburses part of your dues. After settling your dues with Rugbyclub Leuven, you’ll receive a certificate that you can send to your health insurance fund:

The city of Leuven also provides extra financial support if you meet certain conditions through the ‘sportcheque’. Ask your counselor.

Important information

On the doping website you can find all information about banned substances in competition sports.


All players are automatically insured through Rugby Vlaanderen. If something happened at a training or a game, download this form and give it to the examining doctor.