Seniors & u18 Pre-Season starts

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The 2017-2018 Season is kicking off on Aug 1st with the pre-season training sessions starting.

As is normal, we train on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.

As our pitches are getting their post-season pampering treatment from Leuven City, so we are not allowed to use them, & for this reason ALL training sessions will take place at the Provinciaal Domein in Kessel-Lo, & specifically on the pitch at the Rolschaatspiste.

Since everything comes at a cost (yes, we are required to rent the pitch & additionally a changing room), we’ve opted as is the case previously not to rent a changing room, but to either all get together at our club house, use the changing room there, & then as a group do the short trip (3 km) as a warm-up to the training, so it’s important to not forget your running shoes for the trip there & (the cool down trip) back.

After training we follow the same route back in a group, to then enjoy a refreshing shower & of course some liquid refreshments in our club house bar.

So in summery;

Training starts – Tuesday, 1 August

Change rooms will be open as from 19:00

Training session is 19:30 – 21:00 (so the group needs to leave the club in time!)

Looking forward to see you all flaunt your fantastic pre-season conditioning.

Yours truly,

John Mac

Senioren Team Manager


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