How do I become Rugbyclub Leuven player

Come to a training session, you can train with is immediately if you want. The first 4 sessions are free (and insured). After that you need to join the club (see below). The training times and contact persons you find using Teams menu.

To obtain membership of the club you must do the following:

  • register. (Needed only once and gives right to 4 free training sessions)
  • Enter a medical attestation filled and signed by a qualified doctor. The following rules apply at Rugby Vlaanderen, our union regarding the medical
    • Use this form
    • Under 14 years of age: 1 attestation will suffice
    • Between 14 and 35 (45 for ladies): renew the attestation every 2 seasons
    • Above 34 (44 for ladies): renew every season
  • Subscribe. (As player or supporting member)

An overview of the official age groups at Rugby Vlaanderen can be found here.


You can get a refund from your social security mutual on your membership fee. After paying your fee you will get from us an attestation that you can join with the request for refund. The links to the most used mutuals:

In some cases the city of Leuven gives financial support when joining a sportsclub. This is what is called the sportcheque. If you think you are entitled, please contact the city.

Important info

On the dopingsite you can find info regarding prohibitted subsances. This list is valid for all competitive sport.


Every player who has entered the 4 trainingsessions or has paid his member fee is automatically insured by Rugby Vlaanderen though our club. In case of injury please download the form here.